SCIENCE, and I want to be a scientist!!!

Prof. Martín Martínez Ripoll, a researcher from the Physical-Chemistry Institute “Rocasolano”, has participated in the dissemination work “SCIENCE, and I want to be a scientist!!!". This book is particularly interesting to encourage a scientific vocation in young people through the eyes of our scientists.

The book "SCIENCE, and I want to be a scientist !!!" coordinated by Quintín Garrido and under Creative Commons license, collects the texts of numerous scientists telling us about their work and experiences from a very personal perspective.

This book contains chapters such as "And I want to be ... neuroscientist", "And I want to be ... marine biologist" along with a long list of "And I want to be ...", aimed at anyone with some curiosity, but specially to rise a scientific vocation among young people. This book is really intended to help undergraduate students to choose their possible future career ...

Prof. Martín Martínez Ripoll, researcher of the Physical-Chemistry Institute "Rocasolano" -CSIC, has contributed to this book through the chapter "And I want to be ... Crystalographer" where he elegantly introduces us to the magic world of crystals at the same time that explains how we can "see" the atoms and molecules inside them.

The book is freely available in the following link: