2021 - 2022

Our environment does not cover any longer the energy demand of humankind. Such demand is jeopardized by irresponsible management of resources, waste of energy, and pollution caused by fossil fuels.

Even H2, the consensus top clean fuel, is mostly obtained from hydrocarbons. Since chemical industry is a major consumer of energy, a response to these problems relies on developing more efficient catalysts for synthesising high-energy compounds. In this seminar I will expose the application of bioelectrocatalytic systems for energy applications. The focus will be set to the most paradigmatic applications: the development of bioelectrodes for biofuel cell applications based on laccase, water splitting using O2 evolution anodes, the use of semiconductors for relieving the electric energy input, the use of H2 for the synthesis of key biotechnological cofactors and bioelectrocatalytic systems for CO2 reduction.

Fecha del seminario: 11/05/2022 12:00

Lugar del seminario: Salón de Actos

Ponente del seminario: Marcos Pita



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